Become a Member of the Caucus 

There are two types of individual membership within the AIANNHC, official memberships and associate memberships. Official members are individuals who are members of the American Public Health Association (APHA) as well as members of the AIANNHC. Associate members are those individuals who are not members of APHA, but wish to be involved with the AIANNHC.

Students may participate as either official student members or as associate student members. Organizations may participate as official or associate members. All official and associate members must complete a membership questionnaire and pay an annual fee to be set by the Caucus for newsletters and other mailings and materials. Membership includes both Natives and non-Natives and the annual fee is due at the beginning of each fiscal year (October 1).

If you have questions please contact
American Public Health Association 
American Indian Alaska Native 
Native Hawaiian Caucus