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This article was written to give readers a sense of the history of the Caucus in the past 12 years.  Events recorded are from the collective memories of Debra Isham, Linda Burhansstipanov and Nina Wampler.  If any of our readers remember different events or different dates, please let us know and we’ll publish your recollections, as well.


Margo Kerrigan was founder and chair from 1980-88.  In 1989, Sam Elrod was elected chair of the Caucus.  After Sam suffered a heart attack that year, Linda Burhansstipanov took over as chair, in addition to serving as program coordinator.  In 1990, Linda B was elected chair and that year she began publishing the newsletter, generally producing one 2-4 times a year.  Linda continued to serve as chair until 1994, when John Brueninger was elected chair and served until 1995. Following John as chair was Patricia Cochran, serving from 1996-98.  In 1998, Ralph Forquera was elected chair and served a two year term.  In 2000, Lillian Tom-Orme was elected chair and she will serve until 2002, when Delight Satter will take over as chair of the Caucus.


About the Logo

Balance and equality are central to the health of our people and our nations. The logo shows the symmetry that governs many elements of nature and our surroundings, including when night and day are equal during the solstices and equinoxes. As we strive for this harmony, it brings us closer to ensuring the public health and well-being for all Native peoples.

In Memoriam

Remembering and honoring AIANNH members.

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